Karawan (Qaraqawan) Brawaz honey


Karakuwan honey with nectar is one of the best types of Turkish honey, containing high levels of the multi-beneficial amino acid, proline. It is produced within natural bee cells made of willow tree and coated with mud.
Benefits of Karawan (Qaraqawan) Brawaz honey:
● Contains natural pain relieving substances for various types of pain.
● Regulates the immune system.
● Eliminates inflammation of the tonsils.
● Treats and regulates the function of the colon.
● Positively affects body growth by strengthening and increasing immunity through its vitamins.
● Increases sexual strength.
● Increases ovulation and fertility in women.
● Strengthens memory.
● Strengthens bones.
● Contributes to the treatment of infertility by increasing fertility for both partners and increasing sperm count for men.

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